Part 4 - What to expect at a photo shoot

What are you expected to pay for at a photo shoot? There are lots of pieces. Hopefully, your photographer has given you an itemized estimate before the shoot.  Here are a few of the items that might appear there:

  • Creative Fee – the photographer’s day rate or per shot rate
  • Usage Fees – some photographers charge these based on the usage
    • US only
    • Time limit
    • Web or specific print job only (i.e. use the image for package label but not ads)
  • Prop purchase/rentals
  • Reimbursements for
    • Materials (i.e. special backgrounds, props)
    • Food used to create the image (remember, bring lots)
    • Catering (if food is provided for breakfast, lunch etc.)
  • Stylists’ Fees
  • Studio and equipment rental (if applicable)
  • Sales Tax – In New Jersey – digital images are not subject to sales tax but prints are

If you order or go out for lunch, you are expected to pick up the tab.

So, there was a lot of information in this 4 part post and it may seem pretty daunting. But, rest assured that a professional team will make the process go easily and without any issues. Just remember to keep the team informed and have fun at the shoot….it really is fun! And don’t forget to tell the team how AWESOME the images are. Its a good thing to hear, even for seasoned professionals.